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Monday, June 2, 2008

Daegeum (Korean Bamboo Flute) Sanjo

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This album presents the masterful performance of Daegeum, a Korean traditional large bamboo transverse wind instrument which has a buzzing membrane that gives it a special timbre, by the master Lee Saeng-Kang. Daegeum dates back to 7th century Shilla dynasty. It is one of three transverse flutes, the large Daegeum, the medium-sized Junggeum, and the small Sogeum.

Daegeum has one blowing hole, six finger holes, and an extra hole covered with a thin membrane called Cheong (located between the blowing hole and finger holes). Cheong is a white resonant membrane cut from a reed's inner film which makes this instrument produce a distinctive buzzing sound that is refined and calm. There are two different types of Daegeum: Jeong-ak Daegeum (for classical and court music) and Sanjo Daegeum (for folk music). Of all Korean wind instruments, the Daegeum produces the softest and most graceful tone.