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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gyeonggi Minyo - Korean Folk Songs by 7 Legendary Folk Singers

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This album presents the most famous Gyeonggi Minyo sung by seven legendary folk singers. Minyo, Korean folk songs, is broadly classified into three types according to region, namely, Gyeonggi, Namdo and Seodo Minyo. Gyeonggi Minyo is traditionally popular in the central area around Seoul, while Namdo Minyo in the southern area around Jeolla-do and Seodo Minyo in the northwestern area (present-day North Korea) situated around Pyeongan-do and Hwanghae do.

Gyeonggi minyo is generally characterized by a lilting tempo and cheerful mood. As the music progresses, one feels happy and uplifted. Namdo Minyo has a relatively slow tempo and a crude, dark timbre. It's sharply alternating melody gives one the sense of deep, inward pathos. The Seodo Minyo is characterized by high clear nasal tones and fine vibrato, which combine to produce not only intense feeling of lament and sorrow, but also carry the power to express the joy and happiness in everyday life. In contrast with Gyeonggi Minyo, it has a slow tempo and pure, tranquil feeling reminiscent of a cool autumn sky.

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