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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nanjang - A New Horizon by Kim Duk-Soo Samulnori Band

Listen to Samples

This unique album was created by Kim Duk-Soo Samulnori band with famous Korean traditional musicians and Western musicians. Sometimes the Korean artists would demonstrate something based on Korean traditional music and the Western musicians would respond musically. Other times, someone would play out a Western based idea and the Korean artists would respond, digging up something from their experience.

Not long ago, Korean would hold a carnival, bazaar, and festival all rolled into one. At the site, people would peddle their wares, eat and drink, and artists would perform for the bustling crowd. These gatherings were called Nanjang. In an effort to recapture the atmosphere of those spontaneous and dynamic gatherings Kim Duk-soo's studio and this album was named after that.

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