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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The World of Danso (Vertical Bamboo Flute)

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This album presents the unique tune of Danso, a small, notched vertical bamboo flute mainly used in solo recitals, duet performances, and chamber music. Due to its mellifluous tone and clearest sound of all the wind instruments, it was favored as a recital instrument. In this album it performs with Saenghwang, a free reed mouth organ constructed from 17 slender bamboo pipes of various length, each with a metal free reed, mounted in a metal windchest, and Yanggeum, a dulcimer which has 14 quadruple courses of steel wires. Unlike other traditional Korean instruments (most of which have silk strings), the Yanggeum has metal strings and is played by striking the strings with a bamboo stick.

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